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Resolve back tax liabilities

Slow, remove or stop collections

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Revenue Officer Case Assistance

Business Payroll Cases (940/941’s)

Alternative strategies to tax liability

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TaxReliefTeam℠ helps taxpayers who are unable to navigate the complex 75,000 page IRS Tax code. With years of experience representing clients across the nation, we help resolve Federal, State, business and personal tax issues.

Engaging our experts to deal with today’s tax complexities can result in the best result’s achievable by law. Our ‘High Dollar’ Tax Relief Team always has a high attention to detail as is required on higher liability matters. As a customer, you will:

Get Free Assessment & Advice (No Risk or Obligation)

Have an Expert Enrolled Tax Agent On Your Side

Receive a Fair And Reasonable Price Assurance

Have Our Tough Negotiators Do The Talking For You

Expert Asset Protection

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Recovery Tax Relief Program

A Proven 4-Step Process

Need to solve a tax issue right away? Consider a visit with one of our Tax Relief Specialists. You can count on TaxReliefTeam℠ to find the perfect solution for your tax worries using our proven 4-Step Process:

Step 1: Free Consultation

Speak with a Tax Adviser about your particular circumstance, at no cost or obligation.

Step 2: Research & Assessment

Gathering of documents, evaluation and full case assessment. Opening a line of communication with the IRS or taxing authority to assess your case and build an action plan.

Step 3: Negotiation & Resolution

Compliance, negotiation phase where we’ll bring you into compliance with taxing authority, and then negotiate best possible resolution on your behalf.

Step 4: Peace of Mind

Problem resolved: resolution complete, off to greener pastures.

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    Paycheck Protection/DefenseTax Levies & Liens HelpIRS Fresh Start InitiativeTax Settlement & Negotiation
    Resolve Back TaxesTax Audit AssistanceTax Audit RepresentationAchieve FBAR Compliance

        Interested In (select all that apply):
      IRS Fresh Start InitiativePaycheck Protection/DefenseTax Levies & Liens HelpComplex Tax PreparationTax Settlement & NegotiationResolve Back TaxesTax Audit AssistanceTax Audit RepresentationAchieve FBAR Compliance

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      We provide help with:

      • Deal with IRS and State Tax Issues
      • Solve Complex Tax Problems
      • Prevent Levy & Seizure
      • Help remove Tax Liens
      • Income protection
      • Negotiate with an IRS Revenue Officer
      • Deal with unfilled Tax Returns
      • Provide Tax Audit Representation
      • Help with IRS Asset Seizure
      • Help reduce Tax penalties
      • Negotiate Offer In Compromise
      • Negotiate Installment Agreements
      • Achieve FBAR Compliance
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      Remarkable Accomplishments

      Successfully Resolved over 5,000 cases within a 4 year period

      Amended over 1,000 tax returns resulting in refunds of over 5m USD

      Successfully Settled to the Client’s satisfaction over 700 Revenue Officer High Liability Cases

      Achieved compliance for over 2,000 Taxpayers yearly

      Successfully mediated and stopped over 50 Businesses from being closed or sanctioned by the IRS due to tax issues

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      (800) 376-8458

      SMS (818) 273-1044


      We only deal with tax specific cases on a case by case basis, using IRS form 2848 or applicable State POA(s).

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      About us

      TAX RELIEF Team helps taxpayers who cannot properly represent themselves before the IRS or States DOR. With over 150 years of combined experience at our firm, we have a great understanding of how to get things done in the tax world! We help with any tax issue you can throw at us when it comes to the IRS and State’s we focus specifically on those two sectors as it’s important to be hyper-focused and very specialized to maximize our client’s successes.

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